Ryusuke Hayama (葉山 龍介 (はやま りゅうすけ) Hayama Ryūsuke) was the son of a wealthy family. He befriended Tsukushi Makino during the Miss Teen Japan contest.


Physical appearance

Personality and traits

Behind the scenes

  • Xiao-Long

    Xiao Long in Meteor Garden

    A version of Ryusuke, named Wang Xiao Long, appears in the eighth episode of Meteor Garden. In this account, Xiao Long is the son of Shan Cai's neighbor, who asks her to babysit. Like in the manga, he accompanies Shan Cai and Dao Ming Si to the zoo, and falls asleep while Si holds him. Xiao Long is played by future singer, Snoopy Yu (余晉).