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"Forget him! To forget another man, you must get a new one. A new love can heal a wounded heart."
—Sachiyo's advice to Tsukushi[src]

Sachiyo Sengoku (千石 幸代 (せんごく さちよ) Sengoku Sachiyo),[1] also known as Okami-san (オオカミさん () ) was the proprietress of Wagashi Sengoku, a Japanese confectionery. She was the boss of Tsukushi Makino and Yuki Matsuoka. Sachiyo often talked about her past love.


Sachiyo's stories


Sachiyo's true love

"I just can't forget the man I once loved. Watching Tsukushi, I felt like I just wanted to be with the person I'm truly in love with."
—Sachiyo to Akira[src]

Sachiyo was the proprietress of Wagashi Sengoku, where she sold Japanese sweets. She hired Tsukushi Makino and Yuki Matsuoka to work there part-time. She often told stories about her past love. The girls rarely understood her, though the stories always related to what they were speaking of.[2] At first, her tales appeared to be about different men, including Tiger Mask,[3] John Lennon,[4] and Tora-san.[5] However, the stories were actually an invention by Sachiyo because she could not forget her true love.[6]

She later took a liking to Akira Mimasaka, who reminded Sachiyo of her past love. He bought everything in her shop on one occasion.[4] A few days later, he helped her sell sweets by offering cheek kisses to customers.[7] When Akira was worried about his friends fighting, Sachiyo cheered him with one of her stories. Akira seemed to understand the meaning of it.[8] Later, Sachiyo's shop was targeted by Kaede Domyoji, who was trying to hurt Tsukushi. The F4 helped her restock her store.[9] After the TOJ contest, her inventory was returned back to her. Akira had developed a crush on Sachiyo, though she revealed that she could not forget her true love.[6]

Physical appearance

She was an beautiful, older woman, who always wore a traditional Japanese kimono. Sachiyo took great pride in her clothing and appearance. Her dark brown was typically in a bun with a hair accessory to keep it in place.

Personality and traits

Sachiyo was an eccentric person. She seemed mysterious at first, though she was actually pretty simple. She often told stories, which were not real though they all involved her true love. Her stories made little sense to Tsukushi and Yuki, but were actually relevant to whatever topic they were discussing. Sachiyo was a kind, caring boss despite her idiosyncrasies.

Behind the scenes

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