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Sachiyo Sengoku (千石 幸代 (せんごく さちよ) Sengoku Sachiyo)[1][2] was the proprietress of Wagashi Sengoku, a Japanese confectionery. She was the boss of Tsukushi Makino and Yuki Matsuoka.


Sachiyo often told stories of her past boyfriends and told them in a way that left more questions than answers. She dated a drug dealer, who fought against the criminal underworld. Sachiyo stated that she did not know he was a drug dealer.[3] She was in a relationship with a rich heir, who murdered someone and was put in jail. Sachiyo confessed to being "guilty as well."[4] Among her other ex-boyfriends were: wrestler Tiger Mask, John Lennon, a salaryman, Tora-san, a reindeer, and a son of a yakuza member.

Later, she opened Wagashi Sengoku, where she sold Japanese sweets. Tsukushi Makino and Yuki Matsuoka worked there part-time during their high school years.

Physical appearance

Personality and traits

Sachiyo was an eccentric, strange person with a mysterious past. She occasionally offered looks into her past through her stories, but only brief glimpses.

Behind the scenes

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