Tsukushi: "What is that?!"
Tsukasa: "It's Saturn."
Tsukushi: "Wow! It's got tiny rings on it. How cute! We can see it from Earth! I can't believe it. You know, it's the perfect size for a necklace, don't you think?!"
Tsukasa showing Tsukushi Saturn through a telescope, before gifting the necklace.[src]

The Saturn necklace (土星のネックレス () )[1] is a piece of jewelry gifted by Tsukasa Domyoji to Tsukushi Makino. The necklace is in the shape of the planet Saturn, hence its name. It is set with diamonds and rubies and was special ordered by Tsukasa from the well-known jewelry brand, Bulgari.[2]


Tsukasa Domyoji special ordered the necklace from Bulgari, after looking for a similar one with no luck. He presented it to Tsukushi Makino, after showing her the real planet Saturn through a telescope. Tsukushi refused the expensive gift at first, until Tsukasa persuaded her to let him put the necklace on her.[2]

After moving back in with her parents, they found the necklace and made plans to sell it, until Tsukushi told them it was from Tsukasa.[3] Having been broken up for some time, Tsukushi returned the necklace to Tsukasa, who immediately threw it into a nearby river. Unbeknownst to him, Tsukushi climbed into the river in an attempt to find the necklace. Tsukasa's look-a-like, Amon Kunisawa retrieved it and handed it to her.[4]

Behind the scenes


The necklace in Meteor Garden


Saturn necklace in the drama


The necklace sold at My Margaret

"A shooting star in a ring of light rays is one carried on Cupid's wings. If the shooting star is seen by lovers on Earth before it descends, their destinies will be entwined. Just like they're tightly attached to Cupid's wings. The symbol of love will forever be with them."
Si's prelude to him giving Shan Cai the necklace.[src]
  • The Saturn necklace first appeared in chapter 121 of Boys Over Flowers.
  • A version of the Saturn necklace appears in Meteor Garden. In episode twelve, Dao Ming Si uses a telescope to show Dong Shan Cai a meteor shower. He then tells her a romantic story, before giving her a necklace to resemble a "ring of light rays". Like the manga, Si had the necklace custom-made.[5] After they break up, Shan Cai returns the necklace, but he throws it in a fountain. Shan Cai enters the water and retrieves it with Hua Ze Lei's help.[6]
  • It appears in the ninth episode of the Japanese drama, Hana Yori Dango. Tsukasa gets the idea to give Tsukushi the necklace, when he learns they are both "People of Saturn" from a horoscope.[7] Tsukushi receives the necklace, when Tsukasa asks Rui to pass it on along with a note. Later she meets Tsukasa at the airport and tells him thanks for the necklace. He puts it on her, symbolizing their new relationship.[8]
  • The necklace also appears in several episodes of Hana Yori Dango Returns and the film, Hana Yori Dango Final.
  • The necklace was also available for purchase at the My Margaret exhibitions in Japan in limited quantities for 10,000 yen .[9]