Meteor Garden

"I had served the company for over twenty years, but my boss just told me to go. I'm at a loss now! A middle-aged man without a job. I'm useless! I'm a good-for-nothing!"
Shan Cai's father loses his job.[src]

Dong (Chinese: 董; pinyin: Dǒng) was the father of Dong Shan Cai. Him and his wife were married over twenty years. He also held a job as a junior officer at a company since around the time he married.[1]


Early life

Dong grew up poor and often had to sell his own blood for money. At one point, he was hospitalized for anemia after selling too much blood.[2] He later married his wife around the same time he began working as a junior officer at a company about twenty years prior. The two had one daughter together named Shan Cai.[1]

Shan Cai

All of the household's money went to Shan Cai's tuition for Ying De University and rent for their house, thus money was tight.[2] After Dao Ming Si visited their home, him and his wife encouraged Shan Cai to pursue a relationship with him.[3] Dong was later fired from his job. His family was forced to move into a small one-room apartment. Shan Cai's parents once again expressed their wish for her to marry someone rich to lift them out of poverty.[4]

Dong borrowed one million dollars from a loan shark. He used all of it on the lottery and lost. His wife found out and threatened divorce, which he agreed to. However, she quickly withdrew the threat. Shan Cai went to Dao Ming Si and borrowed the money from him. The family's debts were cleared, since Si refused to allow Shan Cai to pay him back.[5]

Physical appearance

Dong was a slightly overweight, middle-aged father. He had jet black hair, a similar color to his daughter's. His hair was cut close to the scalp on the sides and just a little longer on top.

Personality and traits

Dong was shown to be very loud and often told jokes that no one understood or laughed at. He was not very ambitious, which disappointed his wife, who wished for him to be promoted. Despite this and almost constant bickering, they have a good relationship and were very affectionate toward each other. His dream was to be rich through his daughter marrying into a wealthy family.

Behind the scenes


Live-action drama


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