Shigeru Okawahara (大河原 滋 (おおかわはら しげる) Okawahara Shigeru) was a student at Eirin Academy. She was also the heiress of Okawahara Corporation.


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  • Shigeru is voiced by Emika Sato in the Boys Over Flowers anime.
  • In Meteor Garden, Christine Ke plays a version of Shigeru, renamed He Yuan Zi (Xiao Zi for short). Her parents arrange her engagement to Dao Ming Si (Tsukasa). After their first meeting, she becomes smitten with Si and begins pursuing a relationship with him. They end their engagement, when Si tells her that he still loves Shan Cai (Tsukushi). Xiao Zi befriends Shan Cai during this time, which continues for the rest of the series. In episode eighteen, she and Si are once again engaged by their parents, though it is later called off.
  • Natsuki Kato portrays Shigeru in nine episodes of the 2007 drama, Hana Yori Dango Returns. She becomes Tsukasa's fiancée at his birthday party, arranged by his mother. Shigeru quickly falls in love with Tsukasa and befriends Tsukushi.[2] Tsukasa later asks Shigeru to be his girlfriend, an attempt to forget Tsukushi.[3] Shigeru is very aware of how Tsukasa and Tsukushi feel for each other, though she chooses to ignore it.[4] After several heartbreaking moments on her part, Shigeru calls off the engagement at a family dinner. The same day, she leaves for New York with her parents.[5][6] Tsukasa goes to New York to renew merger talks, and brings Shigeru back to Japan to celebrate his engagement with Tsukushi.[7]