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Okawahara (大河原 (おおかわはら) Ōkawahara) was the father of Shigeru Okawahara.[1] He was the owner of Okawahara Corporation.


Physical appearance

Personality and traits

Behind the scenes

  • Xiao-Zi's-father

    Kang Kai as He Yuan Zi's father

    Kang Kai (康凱) portrays He Yuan Zi's father in one episode of the Taiwanese television series, Meteor Garden. He is the owner of He Corporation and has ties to an American oil company, which is why Dao Ming Feng chose his daughter to be her son's fiancé. Like Feng, he is happy with prospect of a marriage between their families.[2] He later begins an oil extraction project with Feng. They again arrange for their children to marry.[3]
  • Shigeru's-dad-drama

    Katsuhiko Sasaki as Okawahara

    Mr. Okawahara is portrayed by Katsuhiko Sasaki in three episodes of Hana Yori Dango Returns. In the drama, he is happy to be marrying Shigeru off to someone she likes. He also appears to be ready to retire as soon as Tsukasa graduates college.[4] Mr. Okawahara was surprised by Shigeru suddenly breaking off the engagement.[5] After the engagement was cancelled, he stopped talks of a merger between his company and Domyoji Group.[6]