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"Mr. President, please let me build a school for my grandchildren."
—The founder's words[src]

Shinhwa School (신화학원) is an upper-class, escalator school located in South Korea. The school was founded by the former head of the Shinhwa Group with the help of the President of South Korea. Most students enroll at birth and attend the school from kindergarten to university. The school is made up of the top 1% of South Korea's elite society.[1]




Former head of Shinhwa Group

Shinhwa School was founded by the previous head of the Shinhwa Group. Upon reaching ten billion won in exports, the founder was invited to the Blue House. Instead of receiving a medal of honor, he requested to build a school for future generations. The school was the first of its kind in Korea with no expense and effort spared to build it. Special laws were even put in place for it specifically.[1]

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