Shizuka Todo

Shizuka Todo
Character information
Name in Japanese 藤堂 静
Name in Chinese
Name in Hangul
Romanization Tōdō Shizuka
Gender Female
Born October 4, 1973[1][2]
Tokyo, Japan
Hair color Chestnut[3]
Eye color Brown
Occupations Lawyer
Family Unnamed (father)
Unnamed (mother)
Relationships Unnamed (husband)
Education Eitoku Academy
Affiliations Todo Trading (former)
"If I wear great shoes, they'll take me to great places."
—Shizuka Todo[src]

Shizuka Todo (藤堂 静 (とうどう しずか) Tōdō Shizuka) was the heiress of Todo Trading. She renounced her family name to become a lawyer and moved to France.[2] Shizuka attended Eitoku University, before graduating from the Sorbonne. She was also the first Japanese woman to win "Miss Teen of France".[1]


Early life

Shizuka was born on October 4,[2] 1973 in Tokyo, Japan as the heir of Todo Trading. She began studying ballet and piano at three years old. During her childhood, she often played with Tsukasa Domyoji, Rui Hanazawa, Sojiro Nishikado, and Akira Mimasaka. She was especially close to Rui.[1]

She took a leave of absence from Eitoku University to study abroad in Paris, France at the Sorbonne. While abroad, Shizuka began her modeling career and became the first Japanese woman to win the title, "Miss Teen of France".[1]


After graduating from the Sorbonne, Shizuka returned to Japan,[1] where she reunited with her old friends, the F4.[3]

Physical appearance

Tsukushi described Shizuka as having "huge eyes" and "flowing chestnut hair". She also commented that she had "never seen such a beautiful woman" as Shizuka.[3] Shizuka also won the beauty contests, Miss Teen Japan[4] and Miss Teen of France.[1]

Personality and traits

Behind the scenes

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  • Shizuka first appears in a photo in chapter six, though her existence in hinted at in chapters four and five.
  • In the Hana Yori Dango drama CDs (1993-1994), Shizuka is voiced by Saeko Shimazu.
  • She is portrayed by Japanese-American actress, Marie Eguro in the 1995 film. The actress is fluent in English and has some English dialogue in every scene she appears in the film. In this version, Shizuka was studying aboard in Boston instead of France.




Live-action drama


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