Siapa Takut Jatuh Cinta, abbreviated as STJC and translated as "Who's Afraid of Falling in Love" or "Who's Afraid of Love", is a 2002 Indonesian drama. The series has been accused of plagiarizing the Taiwanese drama Meteor Garden, which is based on the Japanese manga Boys Over Flowers.[3]

The drama starred Leony Vitria Hartanti as Oni, Indra Bruggman as Indra, and Roger Danuarta as Roger.[4] It aired in 2002 for around or over thirty episodes.[2] The series was popular in Indonesia.[5] Plans for a remake titled Siapa Takut Jatuh Cinta Reborn were announced in October 2017.[6]

Cast and characters

Cast and characters
Character Actor Counterpart
(Meteor Garden)
Oni Leony Vitria Hartanti Tsukushi Makino Shan Cai
Indra Indra Bruggman Tsukasa Domyoji Dao Ming Si
Roger Roger Danuarta Rui Hanazawa Hua Ze Lei
Jonathan Frizzy Sojiro Nishikado Xi Men [7]
Steve Emmanuel Akira Mimasaka Mei Zuo [7]
Rorencia Natassia
Dhini Aminarti
Irfan Hakim

Plagiarism accusations

The show has been accused of plagiarizing the show, Meteor Garden. Fans reportedly began to notice the similarities around the third episode, causing the the show's producers to revise the following episodes. Prima Entertainment has publicly announced that the show is a work of their own, though fans and the media protest. If the show is plagiarized, this violates copyrights, because Prima Entertainment never obtained the rights to make a exact match of Meteor Garden.[8][9][10]


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