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Sojiro Nishikado (西門 総二郎 (にしかど そうじろう) Nishikado Sōjirō) was a graduate of Eitoku Academy and heir to a tea ceremony school. He was a member of the F4 with his friends, Tsukasa Domyoji, Rui Hanazawa, and Akira Mimasaka.


Early life

Sojiro was born into a reputable family, who operated a tea ceremony school.[2] In kindergarten, he began attending Eitoku Academy, where he met Tsukasa Domyoji, Rui Hanazawa, and Akira Mimasaka.[3] They later became friends with Shizuka Todo.[4]

High school

At some point, Sojiro and his friends were dubbed the F4. They were allowed "free reign" in high school, because of the families large donations. Tsukasa would hand out red cards, usually with the others permission, to students that angered him.[2]

Meeting Tsukushi


Sojiro, Akira, and Tsukasa arrive at Shizuka's party

"Tsukasa is the type that gets blinded by love. About Tsukasa and Makino going out, I'm basically okay with it. I want to make sure that Tsukushi doesn't just pretend that she is interested in Tsukasa."
—Sojiro to Yuki[src]

The F4 first met Tsukushi Makino, when she stood up to Tsukasa for her friend. This angered Tsukasa, so the F4 issued her a red card. A few days later, Tsukushi had still not left Eitoku, upsetting Tsukasa. Sojiro, Akira, and Rui witnessed her punch Tsukasa and declare war.[2] Later, Sojiro and Akira talked about Tsukushi while playing mahjong with Tsukasa. Tsukasa suddenly left the game to find an "easy target". Sojiro and Akira guessed that he probably meant Rui, who was busy thinking about Shizuka. The F4 picked Shizuka up from the airport about two days later. They then brought her to her homecoming party.[5]

Akira and Sojiro later teased Tsukasa about his kiss with Tsukushi, though he insisted that it was his first. Sojiro then saw Tsukushi walking home and told Tsukasa that it was "ichi-go ichi-e" ("once-in-a-lifetime"). A few days later, Sojiro and his friends said farewell to Shizuka. Rui arrived shortly, announcing his plan to go after her. Sojiro and Akira found an apple to help Tsukasa and Rui make up, before he left.[4] Later, rumors of Tsukasa and Tsukushi were spread around school. Sojiro congratulated Tsukasa. Worried about Tsukasa, Sojiro and Akira talked with Tsukushi's best friend, Yuki Matsuoka. They were concerned about the relationship becoming too serious. Yuki told them it was not their place to interfere.[6]

Rui returns


Sojiro threatens Nakatsuka

"The truth is, its bitterness is good. Knowing that, I began walking the path of tea. It's the same with love. A person matures after going through a painful, bitter love. Yuki-chan, this love experience you just had was necessary. You won't make the same mistake next time, alright?"
—Sojiro to Yuki[src]

Akira and Sojiro offered their help to Tsukushi, when photos of her and a guy were spread around school. Sojiro recognized a piece of jewelry in the photo. He bribed a boutique manager, learning the man's possible whereabouts. Sojiro eventually found the guy and forced the information out of him. Akira and Sojiro put together that Sakurako Sanjo was behind the photos. They warned Tsukasa about her, but he chose to protect Tsukushi. Once the situation was cleared up, Rui arrived back from France.[3] The F4 was excited by Rui's reappearance and went out to celebrate. Later, Sojiro congratulated Tsukasa on his double date with Tsukushi. Sojiro became somewhat exasperated when Tsukasa told them that he was not going.[7]

Tsukasa kicked Rui out of the F4, calling him a "backstabber". Sojiro understood Tsukasa's reasons, but asked him to consider Rui's feelings too. Tsukasa refused, frustrating Sojiro. The next night, Sojiro saw Yuki crying on the side of the road. He brought her to his house, where he told her about the "bitterness" of love. Sojiro then took her to get "revenge" on her ex-boyfriend. At a movie theater, Sojiro flirted with his date until she dumped him. Sojiro called Yuki his "favorite girl" and threatened the guy to never hurt her again. Later that night, a worried Akira asked Sojiro to go with him to meet Tsukasa and Rui. A fight broke out between Rui and Tsukasa. They were soon joined by Akira and Sojiro. Having let out their frustrations, the four guys were friends again by the following morning.[8]

Two days later, Sojiro, Akira, and Rui heard about Tsukushi's father being laid off from Yuki. Sojiro called the situation "tragic", while Rui suspected Tsukasa's mother's involvement. Tsukasa asked his friends to help train Tsukushi for the Teen of Japan contest. Sojiro attempted to teach her proper tea etiquette. Later, Sojiro purchased sweets from Tsukushi's boss after Tsukasa's mother tried to sabotage her business.[9] At the contest, Sojiro was surprised to see Ayano Kurimaki there. When Yuki asked if he used to have a crush on Ayano, he did not answer. Sojiro and Akira remained confused by Tsukushi's choices throughout each round. She ended up placing second. Yuki asked if he was free on Christmas, though he told her he was busy. That day, they happened to see each other. Sojiro ran as soon as he saw her and she chased after him.[10]

Physical appearance

Like his friends, Sojiro was generally labeled as good-looking and handsome. His looks were one of many factors that attracted women to him. He had black hair and dark brown eyes that went well with his slightly tanned skin.

Personality and traits

Sojiro was described as a "playboy" and "womanizer". He had a way with woman, easily charming them with a look or word. He also had considerable knowledge of Tokyo's nightlife. Sojiro disliked like stubborn girls, whom he found difficult to deal with. As the heir to his father's tea school, he was well-versed in the art of tea ceremony.

Behind the scenes

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