Sugimaru Eibi
Character information
Name in Japanese 栄美 杉丸
Name in Chinese
Name in Hangul
Romanization Eibi Sugimaru
Gender Male
Age 17[1]
Born November 17[1]
Hair color Black
Eye color Dark brown[2]
Education Eitoku Academy
Affiliations Correct 5

Sugimaru Eibi (栄美 杉丸 (えいび すぎまる) Eibi Sugimaru) is a student at Eitoku Academy and member of the Correct 5. He spends much of his time working out[3] and also takes karate lessons.[4]


High school

Sugimaru joined the Correct 5 two years prior[5] and began attending Eitoku Senior High sometime after. Like the rest of the Correct 5, he also participates in their "peasant hunts".

He orchestrated a plan to infiltrate Momonozono Academy and somehow got a hold of their uniforms. Him and Haruto Kaguragi visited the school, though they were almost immediately found out and Tenma Hase stopped the other students from hurting them.[6]

Along with the other Correct 5 members, he participated in the "peasant hunt" against Oto Edogawa. Him and the others became suspicious of Oto and Haruto's relationship, when Haruto refused to force Oto out.[5] Sugimaru was later amazed that Tenma Hase is Oto's fiancé.[7]

Sugimaru was later present at Issa Narumiya's flower arranging ceremony.[8] He was surprised the next day to find out that Haruto had met Megurin in the hotel's bath.[9]

Physical appearance

Haruto: "Working out again, Sugimaru?"
Sugimaru: "If I don't, I feel gross."
— Sugimaru has a nice build from working out.[src]

Sugimaru has black hair, which he spikes except for a for strands that fall against his forehead. He also has "cat-like" eyes. According to Haruto, he has a "nice body", which he has from working out constantly.[3] Sugimaru is either seen wearing his Correct 5 uniform or work-out clothes.

Personality and traits

He is considered the most athletic of the Correct 5 members. His personality also seems to be the most laid-back besides Issa Narumiya. Although not as adept as Kaito Taira, Sugimaru also has some research capabilities.[3][6]

Behind the scenes


Boys Over Flowers Wiki has 23 images related to Sugimaru Eibi.
  • Sugimaru first appeared in chapter 1 of Boys Over Flowers Season 2.
  • Viz misspelled his name as "Sugimaru Ebisu" in the original release of chapter 1. His name was corrected in the following chapters and the volume release.



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