Takayuki Kimoto

Takayuki Kimoto
Character information
Name in Japanese 樹本 たかゆき
Name in Chinese
Name in Hangul
Gender Male
Hair color
Eye color
Occupations Student
Education Eitoku Academy (former)
"Don't be so arrogant! Who cares about the F4?!"
—Kimoto defied the F4[src]

Takayuki Kimoto (樹本 たかゆき (きもと たかゆき) Kimoto Takayuki)[1][2] was a student at Eitoku Academy. He received a red card from the F4, which eventually led him to dropping out of school.[3]


High school

Kimoto attended Eitoku Senior High and was in class 2-C with Tsukushi Makino. He stood up to the F4, resulting in him receiving a red card shortly after. The student population most likely began to ostracize and/or bully him. After being absent for a number of days, Kimoto decided to leave Eitoku. He briefly returned for his belongings and never came back again.[3]

Physical appearance

He had a normal face with hair cut just above his ears. Before the bullying, he had a full, healthy face. The incident took a toll on his appearance, which gave him sunken cheeks and heavy bags underneath his eyes.

Personality and traits

Kimoto was a happy and popular student before standing up to the F4. He had courage, since he defied a group everyone else is afraid of. His spirit, however appeared to be defeated as a result of the incident.

Behind the scenes

  • Kimoto appears in the first chapter of Boys Over Flowers. He was the first person to receive a red card in the manga, though the F4 presumably gave them out before.
  • A version of him named Ah Shu appears in Meteor Garden (2001). Compared to his later portrayals, Ah Shu and Kimoto have the most similarities. They both have a short flashback sequence and stand up to the F4 in the same way.[4]
  • Kimoto-drama

    Kazuma Sano as Kimoto

    Kimoto also appears in the first episode of the Hana Yori Dango (2005) drama. In this version, Kimoto is in class 2-A and a flashback depicts him angering Tsukasa Domyoji by eating an orange, which causes juice to fly into the latter's eye. Kimoto receives a red notice, and the whole school corners him into the cafeteria. After Kimoto's friend refuses to help, Tsukasa punches Kimoto and leaves.[1] He is portrayed by Kazuma Sano and given the first name, Takayuki.
  • Another variant appears in the Korean Boys Over Flowers (2009), named Lee Min-ha. The circumstances of the character are also changed in this version.
  • Despite versions of him appearing in all three dramas, he does not appear in the anime.




Live-action drama


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