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Takayuki Kimoto (樹本 たかゆき () Kimoto Takayuki) was a student at Eitoku Academy. After angering Tsukasa Domyoji, he was given a red card. He probably dropped out of school.


One day, Takayuki was eating an orange, when the juice flew into Tsukasa Domyoji's eye. He was given a red card not long after. The other students cornered him into the cafeteria, where the F4 were waiting. Takayuki's friend was brought forward and Tsukasa tried to goad him into hitting Takayuki. He refused so Tsukasa punched both of them.[1]

Physical appearance

Kimoto was an average-looking high school student with a normal height and build. He had brown hair, which reached to his collar. His eyes were brown and he had slightly tanned skin.

Behind the scenes