Teacher: "Good morning. Please take your seats. Is there a problem, Miss Makino? Sit down."
Tsukushi: "I...I don't have a desk."
Teacher: "Oh...I see. Then go to the office and order one. Now open your books to page 26."
— He realizes Tsukushi is being bullied and does nothing[src]

A teacher that taught at Eitoku Academy. He witnessed Tsukushi Makino being bullied, but did not help, most likely fearing retaliation from the F4.


The teacher had possibly been teaching at Eitoku Senior High for a number of years, before Tsukushi Makino started going there. He might have been her homeroom teacher.

After angering the F4, Tsukushi was bullied by her fellow classmates. In one such incident, they hid her desk. The teacher realized they were bullying her, despite this he simply told her to go order a new one from the school's front office.[1]

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