"Oto. My name means a horse that gallops across the heavens. Whenever you're in trouble I will always come."
—Tenma to Oto[src]

Tenma Hase (馳 天馬 (はせ てんま) Hase Tenma) was the student body president of Momonozono Academy and the son of the late Miyoko Hase. He was previously engaged to his childhood friend, Oto Edogawa. His good friend, Hitoshi Konoe was also on the Student Council.


Early life

Tenma was born to Miyoko and Hase of the wealthy Hase family. As a child, he was often around Oto Edogawa, whose mother was the best friend of his. Their mothers wished that Tenma and Oto would marry someday. Sometime before or after his mother died, he and Oto were engaged.[2]

His father was later remarried to Mirei. She cared about Tenma, but disapproved of his engagement to Oto.[3] His parents allowed the engagement to continue, but only if Oto continued attending Eitoku Academy.[2]

High school

In high school, Tenma became the student body president of Momonozono Academy. He was considered their "star pupil" and attracted a lot of attention. Similar to the F4's pull, new students flocked to the school because of Tenma.[4]

Meeting Haruto


Tenma arrives at school

"Oto, you said it yesterday. That I would be set free. So from today on, I'm going to live how I want. For your sake, Oto. Kaguragi, she won't get kicked out if you get your donation, right? Now hear this. If you ever do this again, I'll crush you. As Oto Edogawa's fiancé."
—Tenma confronts Haruto[src]

The Correct 5's Haruto Kaguragi and Sugimaru Eibi visited Momonozono suddenly one day. Tenma saved the two of them from beaten by the other students. He attempted to have a conversation with them, but Haruto became irritated and left.[5] A few days later, Oto unexpectedly visited him at his home. She informed him that she was going to quit Eitoku. When Oto told him he could be "free" now, Tenma questioned if her quitting was the Correct 5's fault. However, Oto took all of the blame. Tenma then asked her, if she quit would she return to the "smiling" Oto that he used to know. She had no answer for him.[2]

In the morning, Tenma went to Eitoku and donated $500,000 in Oto's name. He happened to see the other Eitoku students beating up Oto. Tenma swiftly threw them away from her. He looked at Haruto and called him "despicable". Taking Oto's "free" comment to heart, he declared to her that he would live how he wanted, but for her sake. Tenma stood up and told Haruto that he would "crush" him if he ever hurt Oto again.[6] At the hospital, Tenma arranged for her to stay there overnight "as a precaution". He indirectly confessed his feelings by saying, "I never once thought of you as just a fiancee arranged by my parents." He asked for her answer, but decided to wait until she felt better.[7]

Tenma was later approached by Airi Maya, who told him that Oto was "in danger". She evidently lured him into the basement of retail store that her father owned. Sometime later, she locked Oto into the same room. Tenma was immensely relieved to see that Oto was okay. He was also happy to be in such close proximity to Oto. After Tenma promised to protect her forever, Haruto unlocked the door. Tenma told Haruto "not to hurt Oto ever again." On their way home, Oto told Tenma that Airi reminded her of a storybook they read as children.[8]

Dating Oto

Tenma: "Are you sure? What you said about us going out. I wasn't hearing things, was I? If you really meant it, then I'd be the happiest person on earth tonight."
Oto: "Tenma...please be good to me."
— Tenma and Oto start dating officially[src]

One night, Tenma saw Oto on his way home. An emotional Oto told him to leave, but he refused, saying "I can[not] just leave you here." Tenma even expressed that he was jealous "of the people who got to see this raw side of [Oto]."[9] He then walked her home. The following day, they met for their monthly date. For the first time, Tenma and Oto dressed casually and went somewhere informal, an aquarium. There they met Megumi Nishidome, who confessed to having feelings for Haruto. Oto told her to "do whatever [she] wants." Tenma was concerned for Oto and asked if she was "sure" about what she said. Oto held Tenma's hand and asked him to "go out with [her]".[10] Tenma said yes and they began dating officially.[11]

Sometime after they started dating, Tenma invited Oto on a date to an amusement park. The date was their first to not be on the twentieth. That day, Oto and Tenma rode a roller-coaster, which caused her to become sick. They ran into Megumi and Haruto.[12] Megumi suggested that they all go around the park together. Haruto turned the day into a competition against Tenma. In a haunted house, Tenma asked Haruto if he was in love with Oto and declared that he would not "give her up." They were about to get on the Ferris wheel, when Haruto walked past Tenma and got on with Oto.[13] While waiting for the ride to end, Megumi told Tenma that Haruto did not do it on purpose. A child almost fell off the ride, but Haruto saved him.[14]

Tenma and Oto left the amusement park shortly later. They coincidentally met some of Tenma's classmates, including a girl who had a crush on him. Oto was concerned about the girl's reaction, but Tenma asked "why are you letting that bother you?" He further inquired if she wanted him to "go after her and comfort her", and yelled "what good will that that do?" She apologized and said a hurried goodbye, before running off.[15] That night, Tenma waited for Oto outside her home for several hours. Oto said sorry for making him wait. However, he told her to never "apologize to [him] again" and kissed her.[16] Oto apologized again, which she described as a reflex. Tenma promised to take the relationship "slow" since they have "only just started dating."[17]

A couple days later, Oto was targeted by some thugs during an "Eitoku hunt". Members of Tenma's student council, including Hitoshi Konoe, saved her. Tenma rushed to the hospital. He asked her if there was "any reason [she] need[ed] to be at Eitoku".[18] Oto mentioned Tenma's stepmother's stipulation, which Tenma called "ridiculous". Tenma asked her to think about possibly transferring to Momonozono. He then had Konoe escort Oto to work.[19]

Physical appearance

Originally silhouetted with curly hair, Tenma actually had light, straight hair. One of his noticeable features was a small mole just below his left eye. His overall appearance was considered good-looking, attracting the attention of numerous females. Oto even described his face as "beautiful" at one point.

Personality and traits

Tenma was an extremely polite and courteous person. He smiled often and was able to easily gain the admiration of others. As such, he was generally well-liked by everyone. Described as being "a cut above the rest", Tenma excelled at his studies as well as athletics.

Behind the scenes

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