Tenma Hase
Character information
Name in Japanese 馳 天馬
Name in Chinese
Name in Hangul
Romanization Hase Tenma
Nicknames Mr. President
President Hase
Gender Male
Hair color
Eye color
Occupations Student
Family Miyoko (mother)
Unnamed (father)
Unnamed (stepmother)
Relationships Oto Edogawa (fiancée)
Education Momonozono Academy
Affiliations Hase family
Student council
"Oto. My name means a horse that gallops across the heavens. Whenever you're in trouble I will always come."
—Tenma Hase[src]

Tenma Hase (馳 天馬 (はせ てんま) Hase Tenma) is the student body president of Momonozono Academy[1] and the son of the late Miyoko.[2] He is the fiancé and childhood friend of Oto Edogawa.[3]


Early life

Tenma was born to Miyoko and an unnamed father. As a child, he often spent time with Oto Edogawa, whose mother was a friend of his mother. His mother died, and her last wish was for him and Oto to marry someday.[2]

High school

Tenma began attending Momonozono Academy at some point, eventually becoming student body president. He rose to become the school's top student, attracting new students to enroll regularly. Haruto Kaguragi and Sugimaru Eibi of the Correct 5 visit the school to check out Tenma.[1]

After the surprise visit, Oto attempted "to set him free" by quitting Eitoku Academy. Tenma was led to believe that the Correct 5 were the reason Oto wanted to quit.[2] The following day, he visited Eitoku and paid Oto's donation so she could stay at the school. While he was there, Tenma discovered Oto being bullied,[4] and brought her to a hospital. Tenma also confessed his feelings to her, and asked her to tell him how she felt at a later time.[5]

A few days later, Tenma was tricked by Airi Maya into thinking Oto was in trouble. She brought him to one of her family's building, where she locked him in, also doing the same to Oto. He was concerned they were locked in, but also happy that Oto was safe. Haruto found out where they were and rescued them.[6][7]

"Actually, I'm envious of the people who get to see this raw side of you. You're always so restrained."
—Tenma comforts Oto.[src]

The day before one of their usual "dates" on the twentieth of each month, Tenma met a very upset, Oto on the street.[8] Tenma comforted and walked her home. The next day, they went on a casual date, which ended at an aquarium. At the aquarium, Oto asked Tenma to go out with her.[9]

Physical appearance

"Tenma really does have a beautiful face."
—Oto notices Tenma's appearance.[src]

His silhouette is shown a few times before his first appearance, which pictures him with curly hair.[3] Later his hair is confirmed to actually be smooth and straight.[1] Tenma's most notable feature is his mole just below his left eye. Tenma has been seen wearing his school's uniform, which is a type of "Gakuran".

Personality and traits

Tenma is polite and smiles often, which helps him win people over. He is well-liked by others from the student body of Momonozono Academy[1] to the nurses at the hospital Oto Edogawa stayed at.[5] He has also been described as "a cut above the rest".[3] He is caring to people, particularly towards Oto, whom his has feelings for.[5]

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