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"I'll always be on your side. No matter what happens, I'll protect you, Tsukushi."
—Tsukasa Domyoji[src]

Tsukasa Domyoji (道明寺 司 (どうみょうじ つかさ) Dōmyōji Tsukasa) was the heir to Domyoji Group. He was the only son of Kaede and the younger brother of Tsubaki. Tsukasa was the leader of the F4, made up of his friends, Rui Hanazawa, Sojiro Nishikado, and Akira Mimasaka. He was a student at Eitoku Academy, where he met and fell in love with Tsukushi Makino.


Early life

Tsukasa was born into the wealthy Domyoji family as the heir to the conglomerate, Domyoji Group. His mother, Kaede Domyoji was an executive director in the company. He had a strained relationship with his mother, who was often away on business.[5]

He began attending Eitoku Academy in kindergarten with his childhood friends, Rui Hanazawa, Sojiro Nishikado, and Akira Mimasaka. In kindergarten, Sakurako Sanjo developed a crush on him, but he rejected her.[6] Tsukasa and his friends later became friends with Shizuka Todo.[7]

High school

By the time they started high school, Tsukasa, Sojiro, Akira, and Rui were known as the F4. Their parents paid "vast amounts of money" to Eitoku and the F4 were given "free reign" of the school. If someone angered Tsukasa, he would send them a red card. Often the other students would then bully that student.[5]

Meeting Tsukushi


Tsukasa and Tsukushi kiss

Tsukasa: "That's how the hearts of people are. They can easily be moved by the power of wealth. You also fall into that norm, commoner. Smile. You're ecstatic, right?"
Tsukushi: "Are you stupid? How can I smile?! Such a thing done by you, I'm not the slightest bit ecstatic about it! You cannot persuade everything in this world with just money. I will definitely not be defeated. Don't treat me like an average girl!"
Tsukushi after Tsukasa kidnaps her and gives her a makeover[src]

In October 2005, a girl, Sakurako, bumped into Tsukasa in the school's cafeteria. She accidentally spilled juice on his juice. Tsukasa became angry and threw his shirt at her, despite her offering to pay for it. Another student, Tsukushi Makino defended Sakurako, telling him that "it was [not] on purpose." Tsukasa had a red card placed in Tsukushi's locker the very next day. He later sent three students to assault her, which failed since Rui saved her. Tsukasa became increasingly irritated that Tsukushi had not quit school yet. He snapped, smashing her lunch and insulting her family. Tsukushi then punched him while yelling, "don't be so full of it!" She strikingly reminded him of his tough older sister, who used to hit him often.[5]

Tsukasa later kidnapped Tsukushi and brought her to his home, where he had his staff give her a makeover. He asked her to withdraw her "declaration of war" in exchange for him giving her whatever she wanted. She refused, telling him that "[he] cannot persuade everything in this world with just money." Later, Tsukasa spotted Tsukushi talking to Sakurako on their way home. He issued a red card to Sakurako in the morning. Tsukushi came to her rescue and accidentally spilled sauce on Tsukasa's shoe. He promised to leave the two girls alone if Tsukushi to licked it off. However, Rui interrupted so Tsukasa left. A day later, the F4 picked Shizuka up from the airport, before heading to her party. At the party, Tsukasa got into a fight with Rui. Tsukushi pushed Tsukasa and inadvertently kissed him.[8]

A few days after the kiss, Tsukasa offered Tsukushi a ride to school, but she refused. She ran away, so Tsukasa chased her. His sister, who happened to be passing by, stopped him with a swift punch. Tsubaki later advised him to be Tsukushi or she would "drift away". In the morning, Tsukasa was looking for Tsukushi, when he found her talking to Rui at the emergency exit. At the airport, Tsukasa, Sojiro, Akira, and Tsukushi said goodbye to Shizuka, who was returning to France. Rui arrived seconds later, announcing his plan to go after her. Before Rui left, he and Tsukasa made amends. Tsubaki went home not long after Rui. She gave him advice regarding love, which he misinterpreted. At school, Tsukasa asked Tsukushi on a date, but she did not understand what he meant.[7]

Growing close to Tsukushi


Tsukasa does not believe Tsukushi at first

Tsukushi: "If you knew, then why'd you come?"
Tsukasa: "Isn't it obvious? It's because I love you."
— Tsukasa confesses his feelings to Tsukushi[src]

A few hours late, Tsukushi arrived at the designated spot. She offered to treat him to some tea, feeling bad about the situation. The elevator stalled, while they were on their way to a cafe. They were unable to find a safe way out of the elevator. Tsukasa soon developed a fever, so Tsukushi gave him medicine and lent him her jacket and scarf. They were woken by some construction workers in the morning. A photo of them was taken and later posted at Eitoku. The student body began thinking they were dating, which Tsukasa did not deny. That night, Tsukasa visited the Makino home. Tsukushi then brought him to a restaurant, where he asked if she liked Rui. Tsukasa was adamant that if she liked Rui that he would return her feelings.[9]

Photos of Tsukushi in bed with a guy were spread around school. Tsukasa believed that they photos were true, despite Tsukushi's pleadings. Later, Sakurako offered to help him learn what really happened between Tsukushi and that guy. Tsukasa was reluctant at first, but met with her later. They run into Sojiro and Tsukushi during their search. Tsukasa and Sakurako eventually find the hotel room. Thinking about Tsukushi with that guy, Tsukasa angrily left without realizing that Sakurako was trying to kiss him. Later that night, Sakurako called Tsukasa to inform him that she had kidnapped Tsukushi. In order to protect her, Tsukasa allowed himself to be beaten by Sakurako's thugs. Tsukasa confessed that he was in love with Tsukushi, when she asked him why he did not fight back.[6]

Rui returns


Tsukasa kicks Rui out of the F4

"Don't worry. I don't have the wrong idea. I know I said we're dating in front of Rui, but you haven't said how you really felt about me. When I said I loved you, it was the truth. I'll wait until your heart can give me an honest reply."
—Tsukasa to Tsukushi[src]

When Rui returned from France, Tsukasa told him that he was dating Tsukushi. He began giving her gifts, including a cellphone and furniture. His mother later confronted him about his relationship with Tsukushi. She told him that she did not care it was "fling", which angered Tsukasa. He warned Tsukushi to call him "if things start[ed] getting strange." Later that night, Tsukushi asked him to go on a double date with Yuki Matsuoka and her boyfriend. He outright rejected the idea at first, but called her later to tell her he would go. The next day, Nakatsuka immediately began to annoy Tsukasa. It escalated until Tsukasa punched him for insulting Tsukushi. Tsukasa refused to explain what happened to Tsukushi, leading to a falling out.[10]

Soon after their fight, Tsukasa saw Tsukushi and Rui embracing. He kicked Rui out of the F4, upsetting Akira and Sojiro. Later, Tsukasa met Tsukushi outside her apartment. He promised to forgive her if she apologized. Tsukushi became angry and proceeded to go on a date with Rui. While following them on their date, Tsukasa was being tailed by Sakurako. Once Rui and Tsukushi stepped out of the restaurant, she and Tsukasa got into another fight. That night, Akira confronted Tsukasa about Rui, which he refused to talk about. Tsukasa later went out to see Rui with Akira and Sojiro. Rui goaded Tsukasa into punching him, leading to full-blown fight between he F4. Following the fight, the F4 forgive each other, having let out their frustrations. Tsukushi sent him an apology message that night.[11]

Teen of Japan contest


Tsukasa and Tsukushi kiss

Tsukasa: "I know you're happy."
Tsukushi: "No way."
Tsukasa: "You liar. You're in love with me."
Tsukushi: "I am in love with you. You're stupid, selfish, and self-centered. I've fallen in love with..."
— Tsukushi confesses her feelings and Tsukasa hugs her[src]

Tsukasa asked Tsukushi to meet him on the roof of Domyoji Tower, but she failed to show up. He had planned to show her Saturn through a telescope. Tsukasa eventually learned from Sakurako about Tsukushi's dire financial situation and his mother's interference. He asked his sister to return to Japan. Nishida later called Tsukasa to tell him about Tsukushi confronting his mother. Tsukasa rushed over, but quickly left to find Tsukushi. They then sat down with Tsubaki, who told Tsukushi to enter the Teen of Japan (TOJ) contest. Tsukasa later asked the F4 to help train her for the competition. Tsukushi wished to quit, when her friends and family experienced more trouble from Tsukasa's mother. He convinced her to keep going and promised to protect her loved ones.[12]

On the day of the TOJ, Tsukasa was kidnapped by his mother and brought to her office. His mother proposed a bargain. If Tsukushi lost, Tsukasa would go study business in New York for three years and she would give Tsukushi's family and friends "their lives back". Tsukasa agreed and went to the contest to cheer on Tsukushi. When she lost, Tsukasa quietly left and began packing at home. He called Tsukushi to set a date for the next day. He actually sent Rui to meet her and give her a necklace. At the airport, Tsukasa's mother stopped the plane when she noticed Tsukushi running beside it. Tsukushi finally confessed to being in love with him. They hug and kiss. Tsukasa then left for New York and opened Tsukushi's present on the plane.[13]

Post-high school

Return to Japan

Physical appearance

The F4, which stands for "Flower 4", were all considered good-looking, including Tsukasa. Perhaps his most memorable trait with his curly, black hair. His face was round and symmetrical, complimenting his dark eyes.

Personality and traits

"He's changed. By having feelings for her, Tsukasa has truly become an adult. Tsukasa, who never had a problem beating up others, has regained his human soul because of his love for Tsukushi."

Tsukasa was naive in regards to romance and people in general. Born into a rich family, Tsukasa knew little of how normal people lived. He also typically got everything he wanted. He had somewhat of a sister complex. Tsubaki would often hit or kick him in order to keep him in line. Tsukushi punching him naturally attracted him to her. He became more interested in her when she rejected his money. His further romantic advances were clumsy and not well thought out. He ultimately fell for Tsukushi because she was unlike anyone he had ever met.

Early in his life, he had tendency to resort to violence. He was a skilled fighter and often started fights randomly, including on the street and at nightclubs. His lonely home life was most likely the cause. This trait gradually lessened due to Tsukushi's influence, though he continued to have a bad temper. Another feature was his propensity to confuse words or take a word literally.

Behind the scenes

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