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Tsukushi Makino (牧野 つくし (まきの つくし) Makino Tsukushi) was the only daughter of Haruo and Chieko, and the elder sister of Susumu Makino. She had a part-time job at Wagashi Sengoku with her best friend, Yuki Matsuoka. Tsukushi attended Eitoku Academy, where she met Tsukasa Domyoji. Despite disliking him at first, she eventually developed feelings for him.


Early life

She was born on December 28, 1988[4] to Chieko and Haruo Makino. Tsukushi had a younger brother, named Susumu.

In kindergarten, she met her best friend, Yuki Matsuoka. Tsukushi often protected Yuki and her other friends from bullies.[5] Tsukushi and Yuki were also classmates in middle school.[1]

High school

After hearing a speech made by Shizuka Todo, Tsukushi entered at Eitoku Academy in April 2004. She gradually began to dislike her classmate's extravagant lifestyles as well as the F4, who were given free reign of the school. Tsukushi decided to stay out of the away and avoid trouble, though she was disgusted by her passive behavior.[5]

Meeting the F4


Tsukushi stands up to Tsukasa

"You're a loser who has never earned money on your own! Don't be so full of it! I will never run away! I declare war! Come on, anytime, anywhere!"
—Tsukushi confronts Tsukasa[src]

During her second year at Eitoku, a transfer student and Tsukushi's new friend, Sakurako Sanjo accidentally spilled juice on F4's leader Tsukasa Domyoji. When he yelled at Sakurako, Tsukushi told him to stop and that "it wasn't on purpose". She later found a red notice, the F4's "declaration of war", in her locker. The other students began bullying her nonstop. She found some solace by screaming her feelings on the school's emergency exit, where she met the F4's Rui Hanazawa. Tsukasa later ordered three students to attack her. Rui saved her, though he told her not to misunderstand his intentions. The next day, Tsukasa threw her lunch on the floor. Roused to action, Tsukushi punched Tsukasa and declared war on him.[5]

She was later kidnapped by Tsukasa and brought to his home. After getting a full makeover, Tsukasa asked her to withdraw her declaration. She refused, telling him you cannot get everything with money. The following day, Sakurako waited for Tsukushi at her job. Sakurako apologized for not helping her, but Tsukushi told her not to worry. They then coincidentally ran into Rui, who was staring at a poster of Shizuka. In the morning, Sakurako was given a red card and Tsukushi tried to protect her. Rui showed up in time to save her from Tsukasa. Later, Yuriko Asai, Minako Yamano, and Erika Ayuhara invited her to Shizuka Todo's homecoming party, though it was actually a ruse to embarrass her. Thankfully, Rui and Shizuka protect her. The night ends in horror, when she accidentally kisses Tsukasa.[6]

Some days later, Tsukushi overheard Shizuka telling Rui her plan to return to France. The next morning, Tsukushi rushed over Sakurako's house, after hearing that she was absent. The following day, Tsukushi found Rui at the emergency exit. He brought her to see Shizuka that night. She pleaded with Shizuka to stay for "Rui's sake" Having overheard, Rui was furious and told her that "it has nothing to do with you." At the airport, Tsukushi and the F4, except Rui, said goodbye to Shizuka. When Rui arrived seconds later, Tsukushi yelled at him to go after her. He thanked Tsukushi and said goodbye. After Rui's departure, Tsukasa asked her on a date. The way he worded it left her confused about what he meant.[7]

Growing close to Tsukasa


Tsukasa is hurt after protecting Tsukushi

Tsukushi: "I liked Rui Hanazawa a lot. Up until recently, my heart was totally filled up with thoughts of Rui Hanazawa. But earlier, he was...When Domyoji was walking with Sakurako, I know it was nothing, but...My chest was stinging with pain. I couldn't help feeling hurt."
Yuki: "This is what I think: Love just kinda happens when you least expect it, huh?"
— Tsukushi and Yuki[src]

After several hours, Tsukushi rushed to see if Tsukasa was actually waiting for her. She offered to take him to have tea as an apology. The elevator they boarded broke down and the two of them could not find a safe way out. Tsukasa soon developed a fever, so Tsukushi gave him medicine and wrapped him up with her jacket. Ultimately, they were forced to sleep there all night until construction workers found them. Someone snapped a photo of them leaving and posted it at school. Everyone began to believe they were dating, which Tsukasa did nothing to change. Later, Tsukasa visited Tsukushi's home to clear up the situation to her parents. The next night, Tsukushi went with some classmates to a club, where she met Ryuji. She woke up the next morning in a hotel room. Tsukushi had no recollection of the previous night, but believed that nothing happened.[1]

Photos of Tsukushi and Ryuji were shown around school. Tsukasa believed the photos were real, despite her pleadings. Tsukushi believed she was framed and set out to find the culprit aided by F4's Sojiro Nishikado and Akira Mimasaka. Sojiro quickly learned out Ryuji's job and workplace. Tsukushi and Sojiro ran into Sakurako and Tsukasa, who denied that he was also searching. A little later, she received a call from Sakurako, telling her that Tsukasa wanted to see her. Sakurako tied her up and ordered Tsukasa to come alone. He allowed himself to be beaten by Sakurako's thugs in order to protect Tsukushi. When she asked him why, he confessed that he loved her. The next day, Tsukushi defended Sakurako when Yuriko and her friends made fun of her.[8]

Rui returns


Tsukushi and Tsukasa at the zoo

"Domyoji, I'm sorry, okay? I had absolutely no idea. Without knowing everything, I misunderstood what happened. And I hurt you. You're so simple-minded, selfish, and violent, but you were honest with me. You cherished me. Maybe it's too late now, but I just wanted to let you know I'm sorry for not noticing your kindness. I'm sorry!"
—Tsukushi messages Tsukasa after a misunderstanding[src]

When Rui returned from France, Tsukasa claimed that he and Tsukushi were dating and gave her a cellphone. He later called her and made her meet him at a club, where she saw Rui with two girls. The following morning, she met Rui at the emergency stairwell. She admitted that she and Tsukasa were not dating, so he jokingly asked her to go out with him. Tsukasa's sister, Tsubaki later visited Tsukushi at work. She suggested that Tsukushi and Tsukasa go on a double date. The date went relatively well until Tsukasa punched Yuki's boyfriend. That night, Tsukasa's mother went to Tsukushi's house to convince her to stop seeing her son. Tsukushi's mother refused her money. In the morning, Tsukushi confronted Tsukasa, but he refused to admit why he punched him.[2]

Shortly later, Tsukushi ran into Rui, who hugged her. Tsukasa happened to see them and kicked Rui out of the F4. Rui asked Tsukushi on a date. On that day, Tsukasa was waiting for her outside. He promised to forgive her if she apologized. She refused, telling him that she was tired of his "mood swings." Tsukushi met Rui at a bookstore, where she found an article about Shizuka's engagement. She rushed Rui out in order to hide it. When they left a restaurant, they met Tsukasa, who promptly told Rui about Shizuka. Tsukushi briefly fought with him and stormed off. That night, Tsukushi told Yuki that she had chosen Rui. They then saw Yuki's boyfriend with a girl. Yuki ran away and Tsukushi lost track of her. She eventually found her with Sojiro at a movie theater confronting the guy. Yuki's ex told Tsukushi about what he said to Tsukasa. Tsukushi punched him in retaliation.[9]

Teen of Japan contest


Tsukushi and Tsukasa at the airport

Tsukushi: "I didn't tell you what was really important."
Tsukasa: "Something important?"
Tsukushi: "Thank you! You always, always believed in me. You were thoughtful of me. I'm truly grateful."
— Tsukushi thanks Tsukasa[src]

After apologizing to Tsukasa, Tsukushi promised to meet him, but she did not get the chance to go. Her mother informed her that her father had been laid off and later a loan shark revealed that her father had borrowed five million yen. Tsukushi began looking for a part-time job and submitted a leave of absence from school. Rui later told Tsukushi that her situation was Tsukasa's mother's doing. Angry, Tsukushi confronted her at her office. After leaving, Tsukasa found her in a few minutes. They then met Tsubaki, who suggested for her to enter the Teen of Japan (TOJ) contest. Tsukushi soon began training for the competition with the F4's help. She struggled with the training and became discouraged. Tsukushi wanted to quit, after witnessing her boss' and family's troubles. Tsukasa convinced her to continue, informing her that the F4 will protect her loved ones.[10]

At the TOJ contest, Tsukushi competed against Tsukasa's fiancée, Ayano Kurimaki, and her classmates, Sakurako and Yuriko. Tsukushi passed the first round by demonstrating how to protect herself against a predator. She found herself lost in the next portion, when her clothes were ripped. Nevertheless, she went on to the next stage, in which she had to recite a speech. In the final level, Tsukushi and Ayano played with children, the contest's special judges. They declared it a draw, so Ayano won based on total points. Tsukasa called her later to ask her to meet him the next day. Rui showed up instead to explain about Tsukasa leaving for New York. He encouraged her to go after Tsukasa and tell him her feelings. At the airport, Tsukushi thanked and finally confessed her love. They share a hug and a kiss, before he left for New York.[11]

Third year begins

Tsukushi and Tsukasa had a long-distance relationship for a short time. He stopped answering her phone calls. Rui, Sojiro, and Akira graduated from Eitoku in March 2006 and Tsukushi began her final year in high school. Tsukushi resolved to forget Tsukusa and started studying to enter Eitoku's law school. In the meantime, she became friends with a underclassman, Junpei Oribe. She appeared on the cover of Treasures with him. That December, Tsukushi's parents won a trip to New York. She went by herself, but was soon joined by the F4. Tsukasa acted coldly towards her. After speaking a second time, nothing was resolved and Tsukushi returned to Japan. At school, she was kidnapped by Junpei, who was seeking revenge against Tsukasa. Tsukushi get away from her captors, before Tsubaki saved her.[12]

Physical appearance

Tsukushi was pretty, young girl, though not considered overly beautiful by her peers. She had an oval-shaped face and large, brown eyes. Her medium-length, black hair framed her face, while her short bangs obscured her eyebrows. Before standing up to the F4, Tsukushi always wore her hair exclusively in braided pigtails. She later mostly wore her down, displaying her newfound confidence.

Personality and traits

Prior to enrolling at Eitoku, Tsukushi was a sociable person. She disliked the environment at Eitoku, where she was surrounded by selfish and careless classmates. Tsukushi went against her personality by acting passive while watching others be bullied. Before high school, she always stood up for her friends. She grew to dislike her docile behavior and saved Sakurako from the F4 on impulse. After the incident, she became stronger and was able to regain some of her old self.

Behind the scenes

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