"It's been a while since I've done a biweekly serialization, so the days have been flying by. It seems like just yesterday I was saying it was a new year and now it's autumn."
Yoko Kamio, 2015

Boys Over Flowers Season 2 2 ( 花のち晴れ〜花男 Next Season〜 2 Hana Nochi Hare ~HanaDan Next Season~ 2) is the second volume of the manga by Yoko Kamio. The volume was released on November 4, 2015 by Shueisha. It consists of chapters seven through thirteen of the series.[1] The volume sold an estimated 49,882 copies during the first week of November[3] and has sold 80,804 as of November 15, 2015.[4] Viz Media published it digitally on March 29, 2016.[2]

Haruto Kaguragi, leader of the Correct 5, begins to act strange after learning that Oto Edogawa is engaged to Momonozono Academy student body president, Tenma Hase. Meanwhile, Airi Maya reveals to the whole school that Oto is actually a commoner, forcing Haruto to consider expelling her.

Book description

"Haruto Kaguragi, leader of the most exclusive clique at Eitoku Academy, an elite school for the super rich, is most definitely not falling in love with Oto Edogawa, a poor student in fear of expulsion. But if not, then why does he feel so awful when he learns that she has a fiancé? And if jealousy really does tread in the footsteps of love, should Haruto be worried about how possessive fellow “Correct 5” member Airi has become of him?"
—Viz description[5]


After learning about Oto Edogawa's engagement, Haruto Kaguragi calls her life "pathetic". In response, she tells him it has "nothing to do with [him]". He then visits Sugimaru Eibi, who tells him about the student body president of Momonozono Academy, Tenma Hase. Haruto begins feeling a strange "pain in [his] chest" and goes home. At the same time, Airi Maya informs Kaito Taira that she knows about Oto and reveals new information on her fiance. He rushes over to Haruto's house to disclose that Tenma is Oto's fiance. Haruto instantly becomes sick and lies in bed for three days. Kaito visits him and questions if Haruto's "disease" is love.[6]

Haruto thoroughly denies being in love with Oto and begins acting moody soon after. Sugimaru later convinces him to "infiltrate" Momonozono to scope out the competition. They are quickly spotted by the other students, but Tenma saves them from being beaten. Seeing Tenma sends Haruto into a depression. He finds himself at Oto's work, where he asks "won't I do?"[7] They are interrupted by her coworker. She invites Oto and Haruto to her apartment, when he complains of a stomachache. On their way home, Haruto apologizes for being rude earlier. He also tells her, "don't say that your life has absolutely nothing to do with me".[8]

In a flashback, Airi relates how Haruto gained her admiration in the third grade. Since then, Airi has done everything for his sake. She posts fliers that reveal Oto to be a "peasant". Airi takes it further by lying to Oto, saying Haruto asked her to do it.[9] Oto rushes home to tell her mother that she is planning to quit Eitoku. After hearing her mother reminiscence about her deceased best friend, she puts it off for now. Oto instead visits Tenma at his home to inform him. She tells him that "can be free" now, though he does not appear excited by the prospect. Meanwhile, the Correct 5 prepare to expel Oto from the school.[10]

The other students beat up Oto, supposedly on the Correct 5's orders. A hesitant Haruto admits that he "just can't take out" Oto. Airi decides to take the situation into her own hands and runs downstairs. Haruto follows and sees Oto lying on the ground. Tenma pushes the students away from Oto. He tells Haruto that he will "crush" him, if he hurts Oto again.[11] Later, Haruto agonizes over his inadvertent role in Oto getting hurt. He happens to meet the F4's Rui Hanazawa and asks him "what would Mr. Domyoji do?" Rui answers that Tsukasa "only has eyes for what's most important." Haruto realizes something and goes to see Oto at the hospital.[12]

"Bonus Story"

Haruto recounts his meeting with Rui Hanazawa to Kaito, Sugimaru, and Issa. They believe he was imagining things and walk off as Haruto chases them. Meanwhile, Rui sneezes and Akira and Sojiro ask him if he has caught a cold.



Chapter 7 title page as published in the Japanese edition

See also: List of Boys Over Flowers Season 2 chapters
  • Chapter 7: the seventh installment of Boys Over Flowers Season 2, it was originally published on June 28, 2015.[13] Haruto learns about Oto's engagement to Tenma and suddenly becomes sick.
  • Chapter 8: continuing from the previous chapter, Haruto infiltrates Momonozono with Sugimaru and meets Tenma. The chapter was first released on July 12, 2015 in both Japan and America.[14]
  • Chapter 9: Haruto visits Oto at work and they make amends. It was published on July 26, 2015 on Shonen Jump+ and other platforms.[15]
  • Chapter 10: the chapter was published on Shonen Jump+ on August 9, 2015. Things take a turn for the worse, when Airi reveals the financial status of Oto to everyone at Eitoku.[16]
  • Chapter 11: first published on August 23, 2015 in Japan and America.[17] Oto decides to quit Eitoku and free Tenma of their engagement.
  • Chapter 12: Haruto has to make a decision on whether to force Oto to quit school or not. It was published on September 20, 2015,[18] two weeks after "Bonus Story".
  • Chapter 13: Rui Hanazawa of the F4 makes a cameo appearance and gives Haruto some advice. The chapter was first released on October 4, 2015.[18]
  • Bonus Story: not be confused with the previously published, "Bonus Story". In this two-page story, Haruto relates his encounter with Rui to his fellow Correct 5 members.


See also: Foreign editions of Boys Over Flowers
  • France: volume two will be published in France on June 20, 2018 by Glénat.[19]
  • South Korea: this volume and volume one were published on April 29, 2016 by Seoul Media Group as 꽃보다 맑음2.[20] A glasses case and two kinds of illustration cards were available with the release.
  • Taiwan: the volume was published as Meteor Garden Next Season 2 (流星花園~Next Season~2) on June 13, 2016 by Tong Li Comics.[21]



Volume 2 with the obi


LINE stamps

  • The volume was originally published in Japan with a dust jacket, called an obi, which highlights the first appearance of Tenma and Rui's cameo.
  • A series of forty types of LINE stamps (LINEスタンプ () ) were released to commemorate the publication of the volume. Characters from both Boys Over Flowers and Boys Over Flowers Season 2 were featured on the stamps.[22]
  • Yoko Kamio signed several copies of volume one and two for sale at the Animate Girls Festival on November 7 and 8, 2015. It was limited to one per person.[23]


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