Single information
Artists Arashi
B-side "Ichioku No Hoshi" (Regular Edition)
"Futari no Kinenbi" (Limited Edition)
Released November 16, 2005
Label J Storm

"Wish" (ウィッシュ () ) is a single by the Japanese band, Arashi. The single was released on November 16, 2005 on the label, J Storm. "Ichioku no Hoshi" and an audio commentary were included on the regular edition of the single.

It was used as the opening song for the Hana Yori Dango drama, which starred Arashi member, Jun Matsumoto as Tsukasa Domyoji.



Limited edition

The single was released in both Regular and Limited editions. The song, "Ichioku No Hoshi" and a thirty-eight minute audio commentary, titled "Secret Talk", were featured on the regular edition. Reportedly in the commentary, Jun Matsumoto said that he took the part in Hana Yori Dango so Arashi could release "Wish". The limited edition included a different song, "Futari no Kinenbi".

"Wish" was later released on Arashi's sixth album, Arashic and J Storm's compilation album, All the BEST! 1999-2009. "Ichioku No Hoshi" and "Futari no Kinenbi" were also included on another J Storm compilation, Uraaramania.

The single reached the top of the Weekly Oricon charts and sold about 178,000 copies.[1] It was later certified Platinum by the Recording Industry Association of Japan.[2]

Track listing

Regular Edition
No. TitleLyricsMusicArrangers Length
1. "Wish"  Yoji KubotaHiro OoyagiCHOKKAKU 4:27
2. "Ichioku No Hoshi" ( イチオクノホシ)SPINKazzha-j 4:30
3. "Wish" (Karaoke)KubotaOoyagiCHOKKAKU 4:27
4. "Ichioku No Hoshi" (Karaoke)SPINKazzha-j 4:30
5. "Secret Talk"      38:40
Limited Edition
No. TitleLyricsMusicArrangers Length
1. "Wish"  Yoji KubotaHiro OoyagiCHOKKAKU 4:27
2. "Ichioku No Hoshi"  SPINKazzha-j 4:30
3. "Futari no Kinenbi" ( 二人の記念日)Shinji Yasuda, Sho SakuraiYasuda  4:47

Source: [3][4]




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