Matsuoka (松岡 (まつおか) ) is the father of two daughters, including Yuki Matsuoka.


Behind the scenes


Yuki's father in Hana Yori Dango Returns

  • Xiao You's father is only mentioned in Meteor Garden. He is in line for a promotion, but is transferred to a different factory. This happens because Dao Ming Feng attacks Dong Shan Cai by hurting her friends.[1] After everything is cleared up, Xiao You's father remains "disheartened." He decides to move his family to Canada.[2]
  • Hajime Okayama portrayed Yuki's father in the ninth episode of Hana Yori Dango Returns. Him and his wife lovingly allow Tsukushi to stay in their home for a time. The company that he works for was indirectly affiliated with Domyoji Group, causing him to worry financially about himself. His older daughter does not seem to exist in the drama.[3]