Erika: "By the way, hasn't Kirishima lost more hair? I've got no use for a baldy, even if he is a CEO!"
Yuriko: "Oh, please! So what if they're bald or fat? Do you know what a CEO's wife lives like? You just accept them as they are, and have them buy you lots of sparkles."
— Yuriko shows her greediness[src]

Yuriko Asai (浅井 百合子 (あさい ゆりこ) Asai Yuriko) was a student at Eitoku University and graduate of Eitoku High School. She was the leader of the Lilies, a clique she formed with her best friends, Minako Yamano and Erika Ayuhara. Yuriko disliked Tsukushi Makino and often bullied her throughout high school.


High school

Yuriko attended high school at Eitoku Academy, where she had the same homeroom as her best friends, Minako Yamano and Erika Ayuhara. Tsukushi Makino was also in her class.[1]

Bullying Tsukushi

Yuriko: "This isn't over, you know."
Tsukushi: "Sounds fun. Do your best."
— Yuriko vows revenge after Tsukushi pours champagne on her[src]

She and her friends became jealous of Tsukushi's interactions with the F4 and wrote "Tsukushi Makino - only girl in her school who had two abortions" on their classroom's blackboard. Tsukushi did not witness them write it, but saw them wiping away the words. They pretended to befriend Tsukushi and invited her to a party in Roppongi. At the party, they humiliated her and revealed themselves as the culprits.[1] Before leaving the party, Tsukushi poured champagne on Yuriko in front of Maekawa, a guy Yuriko was flirting with.[2]

Later at school, Yuriko and her friends spied on Tsukushi talking to Rui Hanazawa. They confronted her, after she left Rui, and showed her a magazine about Shizuka Todo, his first love. The F4's leader Tsukasa Domyoji happened by and forced them to leave Tsukushi alone, saying he was "the only one allowed to bully [her]."[2]


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